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22 August 2017
Pre-payment Cards

Sick of waiting in queues? Prefer to shop or pays bill on the internet from the comfort of your home or want the security of not carriyng large sums of cash on you?

Why not apply for a Pre Pay Visa Card?

Having a pre pay card lets you upload money from your Credit Union account as and when you require.

You can upload as much or as little as want, when you want by simply phoning the Credit Union on (0151) 256 5708 or you can set up a regular upload so when your money goes into your Credit Union account and we will automatically upload it on to your card for you. There is a small charge to upload money. Please contact the office for further details.

You can then use your card to:

  • pay bills online or over the phone
  • shop on the internet
  • shop in stores using chip and pin
  • put credit your mobile phone
  • withdraw cash at any high street cash machine
  • get cash back on your shopping (free of charge)

To apply for a pre pay visa card call into the office and fill out an application form. The card will be posted to your address along with your pin number. When your card arrives simply go online or telephone the above number

ClickDownload Pre-paid Visa Card Application Form (108.7kb)
ClickDownload CredEcard Application Form (122.1kb)

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